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3in1 Glossing Wax

3in1 Glossing Wax

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3in1 Glossing Wax

Lacquer Paint Protection and Moire
Removal Contains carnabau wax.

Does not contain silicone and filler
material. It is water based.

Application Methot

Shake the product before using it.

After the surface scratch removal
process is completed, it is applied
horizontally and vertically, first by spreading it at low speed with a soft
polish sponge. Curing occurs within 5 to 10 miutes. After curing, it is
first wiped with a damp fiber cloth
without pressing the surface, and then it can be wiped with a dry cloth.

If desired, it can be deleted immedi- ately after application. It can be used on plastic, glass piano black surfaces. It doesn’t leave any marks. It gives depth to the paint. Thanks to its high water repellency,

water does not stay on the surface.
Scratch Removal rate 10/1
Pollination rate 10/1
Brightness 10/10
Erasability 10/10


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