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Marine Anti Hologram

Marine Anti Hologram

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Marine Anti Hologram

It is used to clean capillary scratches and hologram marks on painted or treated gelcoat parts, fiber-based vehicles such as boats, yachts, ships, motor yachts and caravans. It eliminates capillary scratches and hologram traces thanks to its low micron mineral powders.

It does not contain silicone and filling material.


Shake the bottle before use. Make sure that the application surface is cold, clean and dry. Spread enough polish on the surface by feeding it to the surface at low (1000) speed. Then, depending on the surface and the condition of the scratches, apply between 2500-3500 rpm until the scratches disappear. In order to prevent the formation of holograms, the speed of the polishing machine should be reduced after the scratches are polished. Do not dilute it as it does not contain any filling material.

Application with a polishing machine should be done using a medium hard polish sponge. For perfect shine, it is recommended to use Ironbreaker Marine HD Wax after post application.


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